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Shahan Natali is not the author of Partisake khatutik (2011-01-25)

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Shahan Natali (one of his noms de plume, born Hagop Der Hagopian = Hakob Ter Hakobean) is not the author of Partizake khatutik, as attributed to him in catalog records for UCLA and UMich Dearborn, and listed in WorldCat. According to an Armenian-language article by the philological scholar, Professor Marc Nichanian, another Hakob Ter Hakobean, who was the mayor of Partizak before 1915, wrote the history of his native town. Nichanian speaks of his relationship to the author, who was married to Nichanian's paternal aunt. He also refers to the fact that, in the aftermath of the genocide of the Armenians at the hands of the Young Turks (1915-1923), Ter Hakobean found refuge in Konia and subsequently emigrated to France. Both he and Shahan Natali were in Paris in the 1920's, and had other connections, as members of the Armenian literati.

Partizake khatutik was written in Paris, where its author established the A. Der Akopian Press upon his settling in that city, and where the book was published in 1960.

As the daughter of Shahan Natali, as a library professional and as the heir and curator of the Shahan Natali archive (which includes his published works, many of which are listed in WorldCat, and accessible under Natali, Shahan), I have been able to confirm authorship of the titles attributed to him. These are works of poetry, plays, essays, translations into Armenian, historical treatises, etc. I was surprised to find Partizake khatutik among them, and my further research raised some questions, which resulted in my trying to secure a copy of this title. Unfortunately, the UCLA copy could not be found, and my request for interlibrary loan of the UMich copy was denied. Fortunately, however, I had the opportunity to review a colleague's personal copy of the book, which confirmed my supposition, as it contained a photograph of the author, who bore no resemblance to my father.

Therefore, I am requesting that WorldCat correct the authorship of Partizake khatutik, and notify both UCLA and UMich Dearborn of the correction. I myself will also personally contact UCLA Young Research Library and the Armenian Studies Program at UMich Dearborn regarding my findings and my request.

Sylva Natalie Manoogian, Doctoral Student (UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies) and International Library Consultant, dba HyeSearch

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