Friday, July 14, 2006


A full month has passed since my last post. One would think I had vanished from the face of the earth. In reality, I've been so busy that the days have flown by and melded one into the other.

June 14: I went to UCLA and LAPL Central Libraries, where I found a number of books by and about Carmen Sylva, my namesake and the non de plume of Elizabeth I, queen of Romania (1843-1916). My father admired her greatly and wrote an essay about her in the early 1900's. Those of you who receive e-mails from me will notice a few of her quotes in my signature.

June 15: Representing the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, I attended a training workshop given by the City of Los Angeles "Rescue & Restore" Anti-Human-Trafficking Coalition.

June 16: In the evening, the Armenian librarians who work at Los Angeles Public Library got together for dinner. I remember when there was only one Armenian librarian at LAPL (me). Today, we can proudly report a 1,000% increase!

June 17: Janet Kayaa, one of the PhD students in Information Studies at UCLA received her doctoral hood. We can now call her Dr. Janet and feted her accomplishment at a dinner in her honor.

June 18: A day of rest, although I began sorting through the many boxes and papers that occupy every nook and cranny and flat surface in our house, in preparation for the forthcoming American Library Association annual meeting in New Orleans.....

June 19: Building Blocks meeting at the Lark Musical Society in its new home in Glendale.

To be continued


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