Saturday, August 05, 2006


It's MY Birthday! Last year at this time, I was asked how old I was. I replied, "My right leg is 20..." It's not about how old you are, but how young you feel.

I have received several birthday greetings, among them, the one pictured here ('Leonard Lion' by Sarah Battle (c)2004), from a long-time leonine librarian friend of mine, who never forgets this day each year. The phone and cyber-wishes have made this a very nice day indeed. An interesting one was at Jon's Market, where the shelf restocker called me 'Morkoor jan = Auntie dear' ; the meat-cutter called me 'Mama' ; and the Armenian cashier commented on the good food I was buying. When I said it was for my birthday, she and the box-girl sang 'Happy Birthday'! The store manager, who was standing by, shook my hands and congratulated me.

BTW: My left leg is also 20; my right and left arms, 10 each; my two eyes and the tip of my nose, 3 each. That's a lot of years to celebrate!!!


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