Monday, August 14, 2006


I worked on the reference desk at a branch of Los Angeles Public Library today. It's something I really enjoy, particularly when kids come to ask questions. A little girl handed me a scrap of paper with the word odasis written on it. "Is it the name of a book?" I asked, "Or a person's name?" She really couldn't tell me. I then asked, "Is it for school?" She replied, "No. School hasn't started yet." Questioning her further, I said, "Do you know what it's about?" She replied, "Myths." I began to say the word out loud "O-day-sis, Oh-dah-sees." Suddenly a light bulb went on. "Let me spell it a different way," I said, entering "Odysseus "and"juvenile" in the keyword search field on the computer screen. I showed her what I had found and she agreed it was exactly what she was looking for. We placed a hold on the book, which was located in another library, and she went away with a big smile on her face.


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